Guest Editor: LOUISE GLÜCK

  From smoky jazz clubs to crowded schoolrooms, from street corners to the steps of the Capitol on Inaugural Day, America is celebrating its poetry, and The Best American Poetry 1993 adds generously to the nation's chorus of contemporary voices. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Louise Glück, guest editor of the 1993 edition, has chosen seventy-five poems from nearly four dozen literary journals and magazines — more than ever before. Thirty poets make their debut in the series the Washington Post champions as the "best hope we have for extending the audience" of American poetry. Ms. Glück's selections prove, in her words, that "what keeps [American poetry] alive is its intelligence," evidenced by the combination of technical craft and passion that so invigorates the poetry of America. In addition to Ms. Glück's introduction and a foreword by series editor David Lehman, this anthology includes a special section of notes and comments by its contributors, illuminating the poet's mind at work. A powerful testimony to the resurgence of American poetry, The Best American Poetry is "one of autumn's events" (Commonweal).  
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