Guest Editor: PAUL MULDOON


Table of Contents

A.R.Ammons, In View of the Fact
Appeared in: Epoch
John Ashbery, In Dearest, Deepest Winter
Appeared in: Crazyhorse
Maureen Bloomfield, The Catholic Encyclopedia
Appeared in: The Cincinnati Review
Catherine Bowman, I Want to Be Your Shoebox
Appeared in: Open City
Stephanie Brown, Roommates: Noblesse Oblige, Sprezzatura, and Gin Lane
Appeared in: POOL
Charles Bukowski, The Beats
Appeared in: New York Quarterly
Elena Karina Byrne, Irregular Masks
Appeared in: The Los Angeles Review
Victoria Chang, Seven Changs
Appeared in: Michigan Quarterly Review
Shanna Compton, To Jaques Pepin
Appeared in: Gastronomica
James Cummins, The Poets March on Washington
Appeared in: Jacket
Jamey Dunham, Urban Myth
Appeared in: Sentence
Stephen Dunn, Five Roses in the Morning
Appeared in: Iowa Review
Karl Elder, Everything I Needed to Know
Appeared in: Beloit Poetry Journal, Poetry Daily
Lynn Emanuel, The Revolution
Appeared in: Slate
Elaine Equi, Pre-Raphaelite Pinups
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Clayton Eshleman, The Magical Sadness of Omar Caceres
Appeared in: Fence
Andrew Feld, 19--: An Elegy
Appeared in: Michigan Quarterly Review
Beth Ann Fennelly, I Need to Be More French. Or Japanese.
Appeared in: Ploughshares
Edward Field, In Praise of My Prostate
Appeared in: Hanging Loose
Richard Garcia, Adam and Eve's Dog
Appeared in: Notre Dame Review
Amy Gerstler, Watch
Appeared in: The Sycamore Review
Leonard Gontarek, Blue on Her Hands
Appeared in: American Poetry Review
Jessica Goodheart, Advice for a Stegosaurus
Appeared in: The Antioch Review
George Green, The Searchers
Appeared in: Court Green
Arielle Greenberg, The Turn of the Screw
Appeared in: American Letters & Commentary
Marilyn Hacker, For Kateb Yacine (Algerian playwrite, novelist, poet, and activist, 1929-89)
Appeared in: New England Review, PN Review
Matthea Harvey, I May After Leaving You Walk Quickly or Even Run
Appeared in: 88
Stacey Harwood, Contributors' Notes
Appeared in: LIT
Terrance Hayes, Variations on Two Black Cinema Treasures
Appeared in: CROWD
Samuel Hazo, Seesaws
Appeared in: The Atlantic Monthly
Anthony Hecht, Motes A mote it is to trouble the mind's eye.
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Jennifer Michael Hecht, The Propogation of the Species
Appeared in: In Posse Review
Lyn Hejinian, from The Fatalist
Appeared in: Bomb
Ruth Herschberger, Remorse After a Panic Attack in a Wisconsin Field, 1975
Appeared in: New Letters
Jane Hirshfield, Burlap Sack
Appeared in: Runes
Tony Hoagland, In a Quiet Town by the Sea
Appeared in: The Cincinnati Review
Vicki Hudspith, Ants
Appeared in: Mudfish
Donald Justice, A Chapter in the Life of Mr. Kehoe, Fisherman
Appeared in: The New Criterion
Mary Karr, A Blessing from My Sixteen Years' Son
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Garret Keizer, Hell and Love
Appeared in: Image
Brigit Pegeen Kelly, The Wolf
Appeared in: 32 Poems
Galway Kinnell, Shelley
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Rachel Loden, In the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments
Appeared in: Denver Quarterly, Poetry Daily
Sarah Manguso, Hell
Appeared in: Conduit
Heather McHugh, Ill-Made Almighty
Appeared in: 32 Poems, Verse Daily
D. Nurske, Space Marriage
Appeared in: Fence
Steve Orlen, Song: I Love You. Who are You?
Appeared in: Gulf Coast
Eugene Ostashevsky, Dear Owl
Appeared in: jubilat
Linda Pastan, Death Is Intended
Appeared in: Shenandoah
Adrienne Rich, Dislocations: Seven Scenarios
Appeared in: Boston Review
James Richardson, All the Ghosts
Appeared in: The Paris Review
Mary Ruefle, How I Became Impossible
Appeared in: Court Green
Kay Ryan, Home to Roost
Appeared in: Poetry
Jerome Sala, Media Effects
Appeared in: Insurance Magazine
Mary Jo Salter, Costanza Bonarelli
Appeared in: The American Scholar
Christine Scanlon, The Grilled Cheese Sandwich An Elusive Essential to Social Success
Appeared in: Barrow Street, Good Foot
Jason Schneiderman, Moscow
Appeared in: Shankpainter
Julie Sheehan, Hate Poem
Appeared in: Pleiades
Charles Simic, Sunlight
Appeared in: New England Review
Louis Simpson, An Impasse
Appeared in: The Hudson Review
W.D. Snodgrass, For Hughes Cuenod -- in his 100th year.
Appeared in: The New Criterion, Early Music America
Gary Snyder, Waiting for a Ride
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Maura Stanton, Twenty Questions
Appeared in: POOL
Dorothea Tanning, End of the Day on Second
Appeared in: The Antioch Review
James Tate, The Swing
Appeared in: New American Writing
Chase Twichell, Marijuana
Appeared in: The Yale Review
David Wagoner, For a Man Who Wrote CUNT on a Motel Bathroom Mirror
Appeared in: Hanging Loose
Rosanna Warren, From the Notebooks of Anne Verveine, VII
Appeared in: The New Yorker, Pleine Marge
Marlys West, Ballad of the Subcontractor
Appeared in: Notre Dame Review
Susan Wheeler, from The Maud Project
Appeared in: Salt
Richard Wilbur, Some Words Inside of Words (for children and others)
Appeared in: The Atlantic Monthly
Cecilia Woloch, Bareback Pantoum
Appeared in: New Letters
Charles Wright, A Short History of My Life
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Mattew Yeager, A Big Ball of Foil in a Small New York Apartment
Appeared in: New York Quarterly
Kevin Young, Black Cat Blues
Appeared in: The Virginia Quarterly Review


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